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Collet Chucks and Carbide Quills Manufacturer, Komiya°űCo., Ltd.

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°»High rigidity and minimal deflection°… Komiya°űCo., Ltd. continues pursuing the ultimate carbide quills. We will manufacture and provide carbide quills with our globally competitive °»special skill°… of precision grinding process technology and pride of a group of craftsmen.

Characteristics and special skills of Komiya products
  1. Customization and manufacturing of highly rigid carbide quills such as steel quills, carbide-brazed type quills and carbide solid type quills
  2. Manufacturing of quills with material whose attenuation performance is high enough to suppress chattering
  3. Minimal deflection of a quill improving the efficiency of a grinding process
  4. Attachment of inspection data obtained with a roundness measuring machine in response to your request

Collet Chucks°√Carbide quills
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